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Ultimate fitness class for Mums (and Dads). BuggyBabes pushchair / buggy workouts take place twice a week in Darley Abbey Park in Darley Abbey, Derby.

BuggyBabes - Derby's ultimate fitness class for mums!

No time to exercise now you have a baby? Just bring your baby, toddler or both with you!

Book now to secure a place on our Monday pm or Thursday am classes - the first class is free.

BuggyBabes - the benefits:

  • A safe and effective workout combining cardio (fat burning) and strength training (toning) elements
  • Help you adjust to the physical demands of looking after a new baby or young toddler
  • Improve posture, relieve tension and strengthen the core muscles
  • A social, fun class - plenty of time to chat to other new mums
  • Suitable for all levels of fitness - and for those with double buggies or another on the way!
  • Not just for mums... carers and dads welcome too

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