1. The name of the Society is "The Darley Abbey Society"( the Society)

2. The Society was established to represent the interests of its members and of residents of the area bounded by and including Abbey Hill to Bank View Road, and Duffield Road to Folly Road and Haslam's Lane, and also including Darley and Derwent Parks. The Society exists to:¬
a)  promote high standards of architecture and planning in , or affecting, the area, and to raise objections to planned developments as and when these are considered to be incompatible with the existing standards of the area.
b)  support members and represent their interest in preserving the character of the village.
c)  enhance the amenities of the area including leisure facilities, access and services.
d)  promote civic pride in the village and its surroundings.
e)  preserve the open areas, including the river, Darley and Derwent Parks, and the open area to the north.
f)  encourage the preservation of wildlife.
g)  support the maintenance of the attractive features of the area
h)  promote good access, notably ,by monitoring traffic and parking conditions and
advising the authorities.
i)  secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of
historic or public interest in the area.

3. Membership shall be open to all those who are interested in actively furthering the purposes of the Society. Annual subscriptions shall be set at the Annual General Meeting. Renewal of membership becomes due by the date of the Annual General Meeting. Members who have not paid their subscriptions by 3 months after the date of the Annual General Meeting will be regarded as having resigned their membership. New members wishing to join in the three months before the date of the Annual General Meeting will carry their membership through to the Annual General Meeting in the following year. No member may vote at any meeting if their membership is in arrears.

4. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in April each year in order to receive the Executive Committee's report and the accounts. General meetings should be held regularly and the Executive Committee should meet periodically. Four members shall constitute a quorum at meetings of the Executive Committee.

5. a) The officers of the Society shall consist of:¬
Vice Chairman
Hon Secretary
Hon Treasurer
all of whom shall relinquish their office every year and may seek re-election at the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill vacancies occurring among the officers of the Society.

6. The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers and not less than six members. The Executive Committee is authorised to nominate temporary members to fill occasional vacancies. Nominations for election to the Executive Committee shall be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least 14 days before the Annual General Meeting or from the floor at the Annual General Meeting. Nominees, whose prior consent must have been obtained, must be supported by a proposer and seconder from the Society. If the nominations exceed the number of vacancies, a ballot shall take place.

7. The Executive Committee shall pay all expenses out of the Society's funds, which shall be managed and invested by the Treasurer as instructed by the Executive Committee. The Society's accounts shall be subject to an annual external audit.

8. The Executive Committee, to further the objects of the Society, may approve the formation of such sub-committees and subgroups of the society upon such terms and subject to such rules as it may from time to time see fit with power to amend add to or annul the same at any time.
The Executive committee shall appoint a chairman of each sub-committee or subgroup so formed and the Chairman may co-opt onto such sub-committee or subgroup such other members as he or she shall so decide subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.
The Chairman of each sub-committee or subgroup shall report to each meeting of the Executive Committee and to the Society's Annual General Meeting.
The Executive Committee shall have the power at its discretion to wind up any sub-committee or subgroup so formed.

9. This Constitution may only be amended by a two-thirds majority of members at an Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting. The latter may be called at any time at the written request of a minimum of fifteen members. At least 14 days' notice of the EGM must be given.

10. The Society may be dissolved by a two-thirds majority of members at an Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting. In the event of the dissolution of the Society all the available funds shall be transferred to any charitable institution(s) having objectives similar to the Society, chosen by the Executive Committee and approved by members at the meeting at which the decision to dissolve the Society is made. On dissolution the minute books and other records of the Society shall be deposited with the Derbyshire Record Office,