Darley Abbey Society Saves Stack!

Darley Abbey Society Saves Stack!

There was jubilation on the streets of Darley Abbey last evening, as news spread that the threat to Darley Abbey Mills' historic chimney stack had been averted. David Ling, Chairof the Darley Abbey Society said "This is what the Darley Abbey Society was created for and is the best possible Christmas present, everyone is totally ecstatic, and it's thanks to Gordon's hard work." 

Gordon Jones explained "On behalf of the Society I go through the Planning Applications and a few months ago I came across one wanting to take down most of the Darley Abbey Mills' stack."  Gordon continued "On close examination I found that the application was from a Mr S Claus; he was asserting that there would be a community benefit from a reduced stack, because his deliveries would be so much quicker and easier.  I quickly established that it is not in the gift of the Local Planning Authority to approve works to a World Heritage Site just to make things easier for deliveries without regard for its historic integrity.  So I wrote an email to the Planners and copied it to the Local Councillors.  Everyone was very supportive and the application was refused."

When approached for a statement, Mr Claus responded "Ho, Ho, Ho!"

****The Darley Abbey Society wishes all the residents of Darley Abbey a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.****

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