Darley Abbey Weir inspection

Darley Abbey Weir is a grade II listed structure within the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site. It was constructed in 1782 and is now partially owned by the Environment Agency.

The Agency have commissioned AMCO Giffen to undertake the following work:

  • Removal of vegetation immediately surrounding the weir to enable a detailed visual inspection.
  • Trial of small scale re-pointing of loose mortar, using traditional materials.
  • Use of coloured dye to assess the weir for leaks and track water movement. This may cause discolouration of the water, but the dyes are not harmfulto aquatic ecology so please don't be alarmed.

The work is expected to start on Monday 16th August and take about a week. However, the work can only be done with low water flow, and may be postponed if levels are too high.

To any any questions contact the service line 03708506506 or email

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