Darley Park

Darley Park

A plan to construct what is termed an "All User Path" has now been included in a planning application to Derby City Council, reference number 05/17/00567.

Basically an all user path is one which will accomodate cyclists and wheelchair users with pedestrian traffic and therfore has to be considerably wider than a pedstrian only path. The path is to be delivered as one of the Our City Our River (OCOR) project activities.

We have previously reported on this proposal on this site and in the Darley Abbey Newsletter.

In the winter edition we wrote:

"In the last issue, we reported on the City Council's intention to create an "all-user path" through the park. Those driving the scheme have now decided on their preferred option. The three meter wide path will start by Derby Rowing Club and proceed Northwards through the park alongside the river bank as far as the balustrade and the wooden bridge. The latter will be rebuilt to accommodate the proposed width of the path. On the other side of the bridge it will turn left along the Eastern side of the Mill Fleam incorporating a boardwalk where it crosses the wild flower meadow. It will then continue straight on towards the car park.

The public consultation that took place last August revealed that 93% of all respondents were in favour of a surfaced path through the park.
Council officers presented their proposal to the Conservation Area Advice Committee whose members were generally supportive of the need for a path but many of its members expressed reservations about the proposed width of three meters.  Members raised concerns about the boardwalk and whether it would become slippery in wet weather. Officers said the boardwalk was to overcome the localised flooding that occurs regularly in this part of the park.
Officers maintain that for cyclists and wheelchairs to pass safely it needs to be that width and that that is the width recommended by the Department for Transport for such paths. The Darley Abbey Society has also raised concerns about the width.
The proposed path would, of course, link with Darley Abbey Village. To enable cyclists to get from the car park to Old Lane and the rest of the Cycle Network, Darley Street would have to be made two way for cyclists, and a proposal for that to happen has already been made with notices being put up in the village in December. Originally the proposal was for two way cycling on New Road as well, but strong opposition to this by the Darley Abbey Society has led to this part of the proposal being "shelved".

There are a group of keen cyclists who are trying to create a safe cycle route from Derby City Centre  up the Derwent Valley to Cromford following the river as much as possible. This they are calling the Derwent Valley Cycleway.

They naturally support the scheme and mention the following benefits of this path:

  • Well designed route screened by existing hedges to avoid any impact on the landscape.
  • Sympathetic surface colouring to blend in with the landscape.
  • Provision of a flat route for all kinds of users including those with disabilities, families, dog walkers, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Links well with the route through Darley Fields providing a circular route for young cyclists, pedestrians or disability vehicles.
  • Opportunity to provide increased custom to existing cafes in Darley Park and at the rowing club (The Duck House) as well as providing a scenic and well surfaced route from the City to the Abbey Inn.

Whether you are in favour or against the proposal you are urged to make your views known to the planning officers by the 14th September.

For further in formation visit the Council's planning portal:

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