Darley Ward Transport Plan

Darley Ward Transport Plan

Update on Traffic and Transportation in Darley Ward

The Transportation and Planning Sub Group of Darley Board is made up of residents and representative members of community groups and chaired by DAS member, Chris Wynn. It meets about 10 times a year with our ward councillors and council officers and advises the Darley Neighbourhood Board and City Council on transport and planning issues across the ward. The Board also has a delegated budget for its own transport initiatives.

Progress in 2014/15

Over the past year the Sub Group's work has included:
Speed measurements in Darley Village and Chester Green,
Consultation on traffic calming on City Road in Chester Green,
installation of new kerbs for pedestrians on Nottingham Road,
Considered abuse of the short one-way road off Darley Park Drive
Various studies into parking and congestion throughout the ward,
Directing installation of Speed Indicating Devices (SIDs)
School visits and traffic safety around local schools.
Securing funds for 20mph zones in Darley and Chester Green,
Planning for consultation in January on the above 20mph zones
Proposals for the 2015/16 Derby Local Transport Plan (LTP):

The Sub Group has prioritised the following schemes for inclusion within the City Council's 2015/16 LTP:

Kedleston Road Buildouts – Measures to deal with Congestion and Visibility Issues at the junctions with Cowley Street and Redshaw Streets. It is envisaged that the scheme includes alterations to street furniture and the installation of cycle racks.

City Road Impact Study – Investigation, design and implementation of any further measures to help enforce the new 20mph limits if required.

Bus Shelters Upgrade – Public Transport Improvements along A6, Broadway, Darley Village and Alfreton Road, including kerbs  shelters, road markings and signage. Identified as a reserve LTP priority if no measures are found to be required by the City Road Impact Study.

Ten other issues under consideration for 2015/16 using delegated funds:

1. Safety Measures at Schools – eg Lower kerbs / Splitters / ZigZags
2. St Mary's Wharf – Commuter Parking Issues
3. Noel Street Footpath - Allotments and Anti-Social Behaviour
4. Clark Street – Consider converting Disused Footpath for parking
5. Nottingham Road Crossing
6. Kedleston / Cowley / Redshaw Area - Parking Issues
7. Six Streets Area – Parking Issues
8. Footpath Slurry Sealing
9. Arthur Street Area – Double Yellow Lines at Junctions
10. Speed Indicating Device Relocation to Belper Road

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