Derby and Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership - Public Survey

Derby and Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership - Public Survey

Our consultants are seeking views on future road safety strategies. If you're interested please can you fill in the attached survey or forward to interested parties.

Agilysis and Traject are two consultancies specialising in road safety research and delivery who have been commissioned by Derby and Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership to undertake a full review of the structure, strategy and delivery of road safety in your area. Part of the research is to understand the community perspective; this is an important element and will be central to the end result of this process.

Below is a link to a SmartSurvey, which is open until 31st January. Can you please:

Complete the survey yourself
Share the link via social media, internal newsletters, public communication and any other means at your disposal
Forward this email to any contacts in your area who can help promote the survey

This is a rare opportunity to find out what the people of Derby & Derbyshire want in terms of road safety in their communities. We really appreciate your help with this, the more we know the better the outcomes!

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