Derventio Brewery get their drinks and entertainment licence

Derventio Brewery who moved into Darley Abbey's historic Long Mill six weeks ago, have been granted a Premises Licence for the sale of alcoholic drinks for consumption both on and off the premises. They have also been granted a licence for both live and recorded music within the premises. The proposed licensing hours will be until 11 pm seven days a week. The Brewery had sought a licence to sell alcohol and play music in an open air drinking area at the rear of the building overlooking the River but this has been refused by the licencing committee. Local residents were concern by the potential nuisance that might be caused both in terms of noise pollution and anti social behaviour by customers. As we all know, sound carries further across water, than across land. The Darley Abbey Society welcomed the news that the Brewery were going to occupy part of this important building, because the building can only be saved for posterity if a viable use is found for it. However, the Society have grave concerns about the proposal to turn this building into a pub. The application was considered by the City's Licencing Committee on Monday 5th December. David Ling, Chairman of Darley Abbey Society represented the views of several of the residents objecting to the application. Residents Roy Hartle and Chris and Graham Bennett also attended the hearing and made representations. As a result of the representaions made by residents and the police stringent conditions have been imposed on the licence. The most important are that "on licence" sales are restricted to those attending private functions or brewery tours, and that no live or recorded music is to be relayed to any outside areas. A pdf copy of the licence is attached.

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