Incinerator application goes to committee on 14th September

Incinerator application goes to committee on 14th September

The application to use an industrial unit just yards from the Darley Abbey Mills World Heritage Site and to build a 20 meter chimney is to be decided by the City's Planning Committee on the 14th September at 6 pm.

The application is opposed by the Darley Abbey Society, the Darley Ward Councillors, former Derby North MP Amanda Solloway, and groups of Heritage and Environmental Activists.

Concerns fall into two main areas. The first is the impact the development will have on the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site and its historic assets. The second relates to concerns about the risk of damage to the health of the general public, particularly local residents and those using the nearby sports facilities such as the Rugby and Football playing fields, the cricket ground and the Canoe Club.

The is also the very real risk of fire as was recently demonstrated by the fire at the Veolia Waste recycling site on London Road.

The site in Darley Abbey is a greater potential risk because of its proximity to a bottled gas storage depot.

All those who wish to oppose the application are being urged to attend the planning meeting to support the two people who will speak on behalf of the objectors and the Society.

For further information visit the council's planning portal website. the details of the application are:

DER/10/16/01241- Unit 7, Northedge Business Park, Alfreton Road- Development of facilities to enable the testing of a new technology based on a pyrothermic conversion process utilising SRF (solid recovered fuel) and erection of external 20 metre height chimney stack for a temporary period of 18 months

The officer's Committee will be available from Thursday 7th September via this link:

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