Information Board about Fish Pass for Mill View Gardens

Trent Rivers Trust have applied for permission to erect an information board in the Mill View Gardens.

Their statement in support of the application is as follows:

1. The fish pass at Darley Abbey is complete and functioning. It is the largest fish pass in the UK to be undertaken and delivered by a Rivers Trust.  It is due to be opened officially in late November 2013.

2. TRT together with partner organisations wishes to mark the importance of this fish pass with an eye-catching and informative interpretation board located opposite the up stream entrance to the pass.

3. The board features illustrations, smart phone (QR) codes linking to statistics about fish migration and to other sources of information. These include the WHS and the recent archaeology remains that the excavations for the pass uncovered.

4. The location for the board has been deliberately chosen to avoid being  visible from the same vantage points as the WHS signage so as not to distract interest and attention away from them. That has also allowed TRT to specify a more modern style of sign, in keeping with the technical nature of the fish pass construction.

5. The result is a high quality and highly informative interpretation board that will enhance the experience of visiting this fascinating part of the city.

6. The board will stand on a circular stone plinth which will keep the area in front of it free of mud and avoid undue wear and damage to the grass and create an appropriate and attractive setting for the board.

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