My Darley Abbey Day by Ann Worthy

Well... it rained didn't it, the heavens opened BUT Darley Abbey Day was a success. It never ceases to amaze me how stoical British people are, with strong constitutions and a zest to carry on, no matter what. This was very evident on Darley Abbey Day. Such a lot of effort had been put into the day not just with the organisation which, I hasten to add, was tremendous - what a team! - but with everything I saw.

There was a great start to the day, with the deputy Mayor of Derby, Andy Potter of Radio Derby and James Lewis the Auctioneer, followed by the combined choir of Walter Evans and the Old Vicarage School.

There was a fantastic display of scarecrows, I could have stood and looked at them all day, had the weather been a little kinder of course. Such a lot of imagination had been given into creating the scarecrows, with interesting ideas all of which were quite outstanding. How they could have been judged heaven knows, I certainly wouldn't have wanted the job! It would have been every one a winner!

The queues started to form in the Fellowship Room for a promising lunch and refreshments. The room was buzzing with activity and conversation and not once did I hear any complaints uttered about the weather, people were just quite simply enjoying themselves. We had a sausage sandwich (which was really meant for children but we fancied one!) swallowed down with a welcome glass of wine. All served by hard working ladies, who were a mere blur in front of our eyes as they whizzed up and down serving lunch as fast as they could, with a smile.

As we made our way down to Darley Abbey Mills it was admirable to see the firemen standing out in the rain with enthusiasm and smiles, just getting on with their display. John and Alisonʼs musical entertainment was wonderful, whilst people admired the photographic competition that Nigel had displayed in his studio. Oh yes....and another glass of wine with nibbles!

Once again Anthony and Wendy welcomed people into their home for a service given by St Matthewʼs and the Methodist church for everyone to enjoy. However, I mustn't forget to mention the wonderful cream teas!
So many calories but who cares, it was raining anyway. Of course, without hesitation, the BBQ evening went ahead and what a good job was made of it. There was great entertainment from all involved by enthusiastic and happy people.

We did not manage to see everything and apologies to all those who worked so hard and that I have not mentioned. It is this sort of community spirit and commitment that never fails to make me wonder and think how lucky we are to live in Darley Abbey.

Ann Worthy

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