New one way system in the Village

Proposed one way traffic system for Darley Abbey
As part of the Government's strategy to encourage more people to abandon their cars and walk or cycle to work, school or the shops, Derby City Council have applied for grants to carry out traffic management schemes all over the City in a scheme call "Moving Derby forward".
In Darley Abbey, Church Lane will be closed to traffic turning in from the A6 Duffield Road, except for cyclists.  Pedestrian access will be maintained.  A significant section of Church Lane does not have a footway on both sides, so a temporary footway space will be created, which will narrow the road.  The aim is to reduce traffic and reduce speeds and create a quieter space, make it more friendly for active travel, and for accessing the park, and the various cycle routes in the area.  It is also proposed that the quieter environment will benefit the two schools in the area.  Traffic signals are also currently planned for the junction of Duffield Road and Mile Ash Lane, to provide better access and egress for Darley Abbey residents.
The Council are proposing to start work on this scheme on Monday 24th August with signage and temporary structures at the Church Lane/Duffield Road junction. Once the future of the Number 17A bus service is assured provision will be made for buses to be able to access this junction and flow in the opposite direction to general traffic.
The system will only be made permanent once full consultation has been carried out.
See attached PDF with graphics showing how the proposal will look

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