North Avenue appeal lodged

North Avenue appeal lodged

Appeal being made against refusal for Proposed Development
Application Ref:  06/15/00720 - Land off North Ave

Update at 18 December 2015 [and see for future updates]

On 01 June 2015, Planning Applic'n Ref:  06/15/00720 was "validated" by Derby City.
On 22 July 2015 a Darley Abbey Residents' Meeting considered how best to object.
On 10 September 2015 the Planning Committee refused consent for this Application.
On 04 November 2015 Derby City Council received a copy of a Planning Appeal Form sent to the Planning Inspectorate, lodging an Appeal against the refusal.
The Planning Appeal Form is seeking an Inquiry. 
An Inquiry is the most complex of possible processes, when evidence is presented by Expert Witnesses, and then tested by cross-examination.
It will be for Derby City Council to justify refusal of the Application; the Appellant makes the case for overturning the refusal; and third parties can also make representations.
The Committee of the Darley Abbey Society has set up a Task Group. 
The Task Group will be assessing: 
 The processes and timetable that will apply for an Inquiry;
 How best we can support the City Council and represent our views at the Inquiry, taking account of the Expert Reports previously commissioned by the Society;
 How much it will cost; and
 If necessary, how best to raise funds.
We will continue with our work, and also consider holding another Residents' Meeting.
If you have concerns about this development please join the Society.
The more Members we have, the stronger we are!
Please contact our Membership Secretary -

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