Police report for January 2013

Police report for January 2013

Police Report for January 2013

We hope this report finds you well and that you are as glad to see the back of the snow as we are. We dealt with a few incidents of children throwing snowballs but nothing too serious.

There was some good work by one of our team, someone had identified a prolific shoplifter via CCTV and it ended up in the detection of over 20 offences. Most of these offences had occurred in a local store.

Crime prevention
We are sorry to report that we are receiving a high number of break ins involving sheds and outhouse buildings. Some local residents contacted the office last week to say they could see footprints in the snow where possible offenders had tried to gain access via the rear garden. This has been happening in most areas across the ward.

Also, at the risk of repeating ourselves – bike thefts! Yes, yet again. Most of these incidents of shed breaks have involved the theft of some valuable bikes.

Can we please re-iterate the importance of security of your outbuildings. Sometimes, offenders are gaining access via entry doors that have been left open. If you live in a terraced property, the rear gardens are mainly accessible by a shared entry door. Please ensure you speak to your neighbours about the importance of security and keeping these doors locked.

Bear in mind the following advice;

- Its worth investing in a good quality lock and/or alarm for your shed
- Invest in security lighting for the rear of your property
- If you keep a bike in your shed, please ensure its locked
- Make a note of your bike's frame number and take a picture of it. That way, if it is stolen then police can circulate its picture to all officers
- Report any suspicious activity to the police. Nothing is too minor
- Consider having your bike postcode engraved. 


Please remember you can follow the team on Twitter, search for @DarleySNT and keep updated with the teams on going projects, surgery times and crime prevention advice.
Youth Provision and Engagement

We started back on 9th January and have an OzBox session every fortnight. OzBox is a youth diversionary scheme that involves non-contact boxing and fitness its very popular with the children who attend.

We have submitted a funding bid to continue the good work of the Youth Club. The meeting is not until March so here's hoping we are successful.

Bike Engraving

As I'm sure you don't' need reminding, we are suffering a high volume of bike thefts. Some of these have been at student resident halls, therefore we are holding bike engraving sessions at the following venues:

Monday 11th March – Sir Peter Hilton Court
Tuesday 12th – Princess Alice Court
Wednesday 13th – Nunnery Court
Monday 18th – Peak Court
Tuesday 19th – back at Sir Peter Hilton Court

All times are between 18.00-20.00. These sessions are aimed at students, however engraving sessions for the general public are to be arranged at a later date.


The surgery dates for the coming months are:

Monday 4th Feb – Darley Abbey British Legion – 7pm
Tuesday 12th Feb – Derby Homes Office – 10am
Monday 25th Feb – Rivermead House – 10am
Monday 4th March – Darley Abbey British Legion – 7pm
Tuesday 9th April – Derby Homes Office – 10am

Remember, surgeries are an opportunity for members of the public to come along and report any issues of concern or simply meet members of your local Safer Neighbourhood Team.


   Our priorities for Darley are:

Anti  social  Behaviour – West  End 
Parking Access only
Youth  Provision  and engagement

The team continue to work closely with partner agencies and local businesses to tackle our priorities.

Allestree Police Office - 01332 552135
Police non- emergency- 101

Please feel free to ring the Office but please be mindful that it is not open 24hrs and is sometimes unattended as we are out on patrol. Please ring the non emergency number to report any incidents if there is no answer at the Police Office.
Thanks for your continued support.

Darley Safer Neighbourhood Team
Sgt Rob Wilson              
PC Rob Singleton
PCSO Linda Ball 
PCSO Sophie Charles
PC Dalbir Janagal (DJ)

Allestree Office –              01332 552135
Derby Police -                    101
Derby Direct -                   01332 255260
Council Parking Services -    01332 715027
Crime Stoppers -                            0800 555 111
Anti Social Behaviour Number -               0333 2006981
Environment Enforcement Response       01332 642020

Derby Direct is available to report issues relating to refuse collection, street cleansing, pest control, abandoned vehicles and anti-social behaviour.


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