Police Report for September

Police Report for September

Darley Safer Neighbourhood Team
Beat report
for September 2013

There have been a lot of shed & garage burglaries plus thefts from vehicles – most of which have been left insecure in all areas of the Darley Ward. It's not all concentrated in one area unfortunately.

Please don't become a victim

- Call 101 or 999 if you see anything suspicious; please remember you are not wasting our time. We want to catch the people responsible.

- Don't leave valuable items on display in your vehicle, one of our officers recently walked past a vehicle with a mobile phone clearly visible! Even if you are only leaving your vehicle for a few minutes – that's all it takes. Leaving bags, gym holdalls and shopping in your car can also make it a target for opportunist thieves

- Always check your vehicle is locked especially when struggling with pushchairs/heavy shopping etc, it's easy to overlook when distracted

- Speak to your neighbours, make them aware. Check access/egress points to your shed/outbuilding, are they easily accessible? Are there any measures you can take to make them less so? For example, repairing loose fencing etc

- Consider investing in security lighting, shed alarms or padlocks. These can all be deterrents. In most incidents, thieves are looking for easy access

- Think about joining a Neighbourhood Watch scheme or starting one in your area

If you have any advice you would like to pass on, please feel free to do so.

We know there are a lot of community groups in the area, please pass this report to any of your contacts, you are more than welcome to do this. As much as we don't want to scare people, we'd like to make the community aware of this issue. Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to discuss any points raised in further detail.

Some positive news – we recently dealt with an offender who had committed criminal damage in a local church. This individual has been charged & dealt with by the court.


The Halloween festivities are almost upon us. Our publicity officer has put together some advice for children, parents & residents which includes:

- If you don't wish your home to be visited by trick or treaters, then window leaflets will soon be readily available at most local stores or from one of our team.
- Please remember that you don't have to answer the door.
- Shops are also being given advice not to sell eggs & flour in the run up to Halloween. If you see or hear of any store not adhering to this, then please feel free to let us know
- Children are being advised to pay heed to the "No Trick or Treat" signs in home windows and to be respectful to people's property
- Please report any anti-social behaviour on 101

Youth Provision and Engagement

PCSO Linda Ball recently attended a meeting with our senior Youth Worker and the Youth Worker at St Alkmunds. We hope to re-launch the club at the beginning of November – keep your eyes open for publicity in the next few weeks!

Neighbourhood Watch

Some of the people who showed an interest at the recent Strutts Park area meeting have yet to be visited – we will get around to this! If you wish to start a scheme in the area where you live, please don't hesitate to contact one of the team.


Surgery dates have now been booked until the end of the year. The surgery dates & venues are:

Rivermead House, Bath Street 10-11am


Tuesday 10th December

Derby Homes Office, Parker Street 10-11am

Tuesday 15th October
Tuesday 3rd December

Darley Abbey Legion, Darley Street (across from Abbey Pub) 6.30-7.30pm

Tuesday 12th November

Remember, surgeries are an opportunity for members of the public to come along and report any issues of concern or simply meet members of your local Safer Neighbourhood Team.


Please remember you can follow the team on Twitter, search for @DarleySNT and keep updated with the teams on going projects, surgery times and crime prevention advice.



   Our priorities for Darley are:

Anti  social  Behaviour – West  End 
Parking Access only
Youth  Provision  and engagement

The team continue to work closely with partner agencies and local businesses to tackle our priorities.

Allestree Police Office - 01332 552135
Police non- emergency- 101

Please feel free to ring the Office but please be mindful that it is not open 24hrs and is sometimes unattended as we are out on patrol. Please ring the non emergency number to report any incidents if there is no answer at the Police Office.
Thanks for your continued support.
Darley Safer Neighbourhood Team
Sgt Rob Wilson              
PC Rob Singleton
PC Dalbir Janagal (DJ)
PC Tim Draycott
PCSO Linda Ball 
PCSO Sophie Charles

Allestree Office –              01332 552135

Derby Police -                    101
Derby Direct -                   01332 255260
Council Parking Services -    01332 715027
Crime Stoppers -                            0800 555 111
Anti Social Behaviour Number -               0333 2006981
Environment Enforcement Response       01332 642020


Derby Direct is available to report issues relating to refuse collection, street cleansing, pest control, abandoned vehicles and anti-social behaviour.


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