Village recycling bins reprieved

At a meeting of the Darley Neighbourhood Board last night (25.06.12) it was agreed that recycling would continue at the Dean's Field site despite the fly tipping. New colourful recycling "pods" will be installed with warning notices about the penalties for fly tipping, and also saying that the bins are funded by the Board.

A proposal to re-site the bins at the top of New Road was rejected after strong opposition from board member David Ling of the Darley Abbey Society who said that the bins in the heart of the Conservation Area/World Heritage Site would be unsightly and detrimental. It would also put peope off sitting on the adjacent bench. Concerns were also expressed as whether the site was large enough, and where people could park to drop off waste.

When domestic recycling bins were introduced, the recycling sites were removed from all of the city because of the cost of cleaning around them, as well as the positive action of bringing more people onto domestic recycling. However, it left some people who do not have the space for recycling bins to miss out. Under pressure from the Darley Neighbourhood Board, and the board agreeing to provide some additional funding from its own budget, recycling bins were re-introduced on Dean's field. Concerns were raised at the time that this would not be the ideal location as it is too accessible to the public at large. Unfortunately, no suitable alternative site could be found.

Examples of fly tipping include large black bags of rubbish, a compost bin, broken vacuum cleaners, and cardboard.  If anyone can suggest a suitable alternative site or has another solution, please email me at

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