Why has the white line been erased on Church Lane?

Why has the white line been erased on Church Lane?

A number of residents have been wondering why, following the introduction of the 20 mph speed limit in the Village, the central white line on Church Lane has been erased by the Council's highways department. 

According to Adrian Astle, Senior Traffic and Transportation Technician, Neighbourhoods, Derby City Council:

"The white centre line was burn off a few weeks ago, and is not planned to be reinstated. 

The idea is white lines have been shown to draw the eye of the motorist down the road limiting their ability to spot hazards appearing at the side and giving drivers a feeling of confidence.

Their removal has contributed to a reduction in traffic speeds and safety benefits (35% reduction in accidents).

In the absence of a centre line uncertainty is created which encourages drivers to reduce their speed.

The evidence showed that drivers:

Travel closer to the kerb-line

Adopt a more stable lateral position on the road

Have a 40% increase in lateral separation from oncoming traffic

Reduce their speed when they are close to oncoming vehicles

Travel marginally slower when they are close to oncoming vehicles compared to drivers on a road with a centre line"

This view does not appear to be shared by some residents. One concerned resident wrote:

"It's clear that, with the  white line, people approaching along Church Lane from Duffield Road and seeking to pass the line of parked cars, were forced to take care as there was no doubt that they were moving onto the 'wrong' side of the road.  With the removal of the white lines, the priorities have become blurred, to the detriment of road safety.  This particularly makes things worse for those of us trying to exit South Avenue onto Church Avenue, and turning towards Duffield Road."

Only time will tell as to who is right, but for the moment the ugly scar left down the middle of the road probably draws the eye to it more than the white line did and will probably lead to pothole problems in future.

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