Yet another Planning Application for North Avenue

Yet another Planning Application for North Avenue

Having only just rejected a planning application for a development of 49 dwellings on the land to the North of North Avenue, the City Council Planning committee is being asked to consider yet another proposal. The new proposal is not significantly different to the last one. The main difference is that the proposed access is to connect to the East end of North Avenue rather than the West. This was one of the aspects of the previous plan that was criticised by planning officials.

The developers claim a number of significant differences including:

  • Repositioning of the proposed point of access;
  • Introduction of a broader mix of housing and provision of open space;
  • Introduction of a discontinuous and low density edge to the eastern and northern perimeters of the site in response to concerns about the impact on the World Heritage Site;
  • Creation of a street pattern that more closely reflects that of North and South Avenue.

Many Darley Abbey Residents have expressed their dismay that another applcation is being submitted so soon. Nevertheless, residents are being advised by the Darley Abbey Society not to be complacent and to lodge their objections with the Council a soon as possible. The Committee of the Society will be considering the matter at its meeting on Wednesday.

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